… two years of my life.

I always wanted to travel, since a was six. This is my dream, and England is just my first stop.

My life changed completely. I started looking at myself in a completely different way, and I can actually speak English now. I can’t even believe it. Everything seems so unreal.

Every time I go back to Italy, it looks like I’ve never been in England and everything was just a dream. But every time I come back in MK, I remember where my life is.

I don’t consider this country my home, and Italy is not my home either. I guess that for now I’m just living my life at uni and enjoying every moment I have left with my boyfriend, because (you can believe it or not) he’s going travelling soon. So I’m just living life how it is.


England here I come…

And here we go to my experience in England. I moved in this country two years ago, without my parents. I started living with my auntie, my uncle and my two cousins. When I first came here I couldn’t speak English at all. it was really bad, I couldn’t even say “Hi, how are you?”

I started year 12, studying Spanish, French and English Language and Literature. It was really hard at the beginning. I kept asking people if they could help me and that’s when I met one of my closest friend today, Sam. She helped me so much, and now we are experiencing together the university’s life at Buckingham.

My life was completely changing. everything was different, even dinner time. I had the possibility to start over, and the best thing was that no-one knew me.


Good morning, today I’ll write about my favourite trip until now: Spain, in more details Barcelona. I love that city! Everyone is really friendly, and there to help you, and I loved the language

We saw the Sagrada Familia, an amazing Catholic Church that was burnt during the war. The church is really beautiful, with all the colours that each of it has a different purpose.

My cousin and I went to the Barça stadium and it was really nice, with everyone singing the team’s song. It was really funny seeing each tourist taking to strangers about a football team.

We also went to Gaudi’s park and it left me without words, I never saw something more beautiful that the view from there, couldn’t expect anything less from Spain.

It’s such an amazing city and I loved the vibes there.

First trip

The first time I went out the country was when I went Dubai, for my mum’s birthday. It was amazing! As soon as we got there the airport was huge, massive. We went all around the city, and at night it was all good with the lights on, it looked incredible. Couldn’t believe where I was shocked. It was real luxe, and it was real.

My favourite thing was the desert, it was amazing! There we went around with the jeeps, we did snowboarding on the sand (so sandboarding) and we went to this kind of restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

We also saw the camels and ride one, it was so strange and fun at the same time. I’m not going to lie, but I was a bit scared, the was the moved was so weird and I thought it was the same thing of riding a horse, but trust me it’s not al all.

The shopping centre there was enormous, it’s one of the biggest in the whole world, can you believe it? And it’s cheap as well, I didn’t expect it at all.

The food as well was really nice, obviously different from what we are used to, but it was worth to try.

Anyway I believe that Dubai is definitely a place to visit, there’s nothing historical there, but it’s a nice place to relax, have fun and spend some money.

Day at the beach, 45 degrees!

About the blog

This is just a short introduction about me and what I will write about in this blog: I’m Alice and I’m here writing about myself, my experiences and my passion: travelling. I will start my blog with my first travelling experiences and arrives to my current experience. Something about me? Well, I’m italian and I’m living in England at the moment. I’m 18 years-old and I moved here 2 years ago without my parents, just to learn the language, but now I’m going to univeristy as well. England is just the beginning of my trip and my adventure, without considenring my holydays. One day when I will finish university, I’ll go around the world, starting with South America and ending who knows where, maybe China, Japan or Germany. My dream? Hopefully see the whole world on time!